Matchbook Learning Electronic Devices Policy 

-for cell phones, games, toys, etc.

The following items are ONLY permitted during lunch periods, and are strictly prohibited during the school day: video games, toys, electronic games, cell phones, tablets, and other items that distract from the learning environment.

When Electronics are Brought on School Grounds

  • Students can hand in their phones to their teachers to be locked in a classroom cabinet
  • Students can keep their electronic device in their bookbag

Inappropriate Use

When students use electronic devices during restricted times, the following steps will be followed:

  • Teacher warning to student about use
  • Teacher makes a phone call to parents/guardians
  • Confiscation: Teacher will keep the electronic device locked in the classroom cabinet. Time of return is at teacher and administration discretion, but will always be returned  by the end of daily dismissal
  • Other disciplinary actions of students who continue to use electronic devices inappropriately,  may be taken at the discretion of school administration