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About Matchbook

Why Choose Matchbook

 Matchbook Learning provides personalized learning for all students through a technology enhanced curriculum, small group instruction and project based learning. Our goal is to ensure that each student has a clear pathway to success.

Who We Are

Matchbook Learning’s mission is to develop a learning community in which we continually improve student academic outcomes through personalizing to meet our individual students’ academic needs. In addition to continued growth in academic outcomes, the Matchbook Learning school will develop global citizens by providing all students with real world experiences that help them to understand other perspectives, the world around them, and the world beyond them. 


Student learning will take place in classrooms,  small group settings, inside a main hub building, and at other learning locations throughout the community depending on the task, project, or learning experience. Our students are community focused by ensuring that all projects align to supporting the community where we live and learn.

Parent Resources

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Teachers And Staff

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The Community We Serve

Matchbook Learning at Wendell Phillips School 63 serves a diverse student population of over 650 students predominantly from the Haughville and Hawthorne neighborhoods of Indianapolis. 97.5% of students qualify for free and reduced lunch. 42.5% of our students are English Language Learners. 8.7% of students receive Special Services through an IEP.

We serve a diverse population here at Matchbook!




Black or African American